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"This is the most special day of your life, the excitement is indescribable. Love, laughter, details, deadlines, pressure, the wedding is just days away…. you don’t want to miss out on anything, you want to capture every moment of it, and you want to have that feeling of “WOW! we did it! we’re married!”, be preserved with the perfect photos so you can re-live that moment again.

Wendy and Traci of Shades Shutters are absolutely spectacular photographers! Their service is just outstanding in every respect and just equally impressive; their photos! 

Wendy takes pride in working all the details out with you from the beginning and makes “The Day” flow so easy reassuring you throughout the event that everything is okay, that she and Traci are getting everything! … and they really do!

The event remains impressed in your heart and your mind forever, but it is when we received the photos Wendy and Traci took that it all came together like magic… their photos simply marvel you.

“OMG, look how awesome - look at this one – did you see this one? – wait, wait, look … awe, that’s gorgeous! - oh wow, this one is just absolutely great!” and on, and on, and on, non-stop.

You just can’t go through all the photos in one sitting … all their shots are extremely detailed, they are moving, their creative composition is brilliant, the family “posed” photos are astonishing, our “married-couple” photos are just stunning!

After our unforgettable wedding day, we waited with excitement to get our pictures back… Wendy and Traci’s exceptional photos left us breathless. Their photos guarantee you close your wedding day with a Gold Seal… exactly how it was meant to be!

We are beyond thrilled and overjoyed with our photos… all of them! …

For your wedding day or event, choosing the right photographer is so important. Reach out to Wendy and Traci … you will forever thank yourself you did! They deliver extraordinary service and products!"

Edgar and Polly

"We just got our wedding pictures back last week from Wendy and Traci and they are AMAZING!! We were looking for photographers that can shoot candid photos instead of having everyone poses for pictures at the wedding and Wendy & Traci did well beyond that. They captured all of the special moments and everyone looked so happy and stunning at our wedding.

We had a Chinese/American wedding and we were worried that they may miss some of the special moments such as our games with the groom and the parents’ tea ceremony since they are not familiar with traditions and the language. But when we got our pictures back, we can’t stop laughing about how hilarious our bridesmaids/groomsmen were during the games and how beautiful our moms look at the tea ceremony..They captured it all.

Beside the wonderful pictures that shades shutters took for our wedding, they were also extremely flexible with our budget and our requests. Initially we thought we won’t be able to afford them with our tight budget, but Wendy & Traci were very accommodating and customized a package for us and gave us the price that is within our budget. And best of all, we only paid for two photographers but Wendy & Traci brought along Krissy as our third photographer on the wedding day at absolutely no charge. Also, after the wedding, my husband wanted all of the pictures in raw file so he can do some more editing (it’s his hobby) and they had no problem in doing that and even got us a jump drive big enough to hold more than 50GB of pictures…..

These ladies are truly professionals in wedding photography and I can’t say enough good things about them. Our guests love our pictures and some of them even took a few of the pictures that Wendy & Traci printed for us at the reception. I would definitely recommend Shades Shutter Photography for weddings or any special occasions for anyone and I can’t wait to have them back when we have our first baby…Wendy/Traci - I’ll be in touch when the time comes~"

Sandy Hong

"I'm not into photos (if I'm in them). I get nervous, fidgety, and for some reason most photos catch the underside of my chin and I delete them. 

I met Shades Shutters through a close friend (she used them for her wedding) and my jaw literally dropped when I saw the printouts the day after the wedding. Every photo was perfect. Perfect lighting, angles, smiles. I went from not wanting a photographer to booking them that same week.

Wendy, Traci, Aleksandra and Zoe were complete professionals and just fun to talk to from start to finish. 

I even decided to do engagement photos! Aleksandra was our photographer and I couldn't believe the shots that came out from our engagement 'session.' The day of the wedding I was a nervous wreck and you would not notice that in the photos of us getting ready and walking to the ceremony.

These women are hired for future events, I absolutely loved working with them and cannot recommend them enough!"
-Amy and Logan

"Without a moment's hesitation, I would recommend Shades' Shutters, and Wendy and Traci, to any bride-to-be. They are an incredible duo who provide the most high quality service. My husband and I knew the moment we met them, that we had found our photographers. Their work speaks for itself. We were looking for someone who could capture all the candid moments as well as make the posed photos look natural-they do this and so much more. Wendy and Traci were more than willing to work with our budget, and the value is incredible! Not to mention, they were so quick to respond to every email we sent.

The day of the wedding, Wendy and Traci were on time and ready to go. Our makeup and hair stylist were very late, but they worked with it and made me feel completely at ease. We all had so much fun taking pictures as we were getting ready and looking at the proofs I had so much fun seeing what they captured in the room. At the ceremony, my husband and I completely forgot they were even there! They moved around the church silently and caught all the beautiful moments. Our guests and the church choir also commented over and over how unobtrusive Wendy and Traci were throughout the ceremony. They worked so well with the wedding coordinator at our venue and made sure we got all the pictures we wanted. My husband and I just looked through all the proofs-they are stunning!

I highly, highly recommend Shades' Shutters to all!!! They are amazing in all aspects!"
-Rebekah and Anthony

"Shades Shutters was very responsive and helpful prior to the big day, they confirmed and re-confirmed their arrival time. I felt very confident in how the day would proceed knowing it was in their hands. My Wedding day did not go exactly as planned - my groom fell ill at the alter and was rushed to the ER during our ceremony - Shades Shutters remained calm throughout all of the chaos and remained with my family members and provided MAJOR assistance at my parents house where they helped set up and create our very own alter which is where we ended up getting married once he was released from the hosptial and because we were in the ER for 2 hours, everything got pushed back 2 Hours, this did not stop Shades Shutters from capturing the most beautiful shots of the day and most importantly they stayed until the very end. Shades Shutter is an all-service provider, they are extremely professional and extraordinarily talented at what they do. They easily blend in with the party. Some people may think having a camera in your face all day is awkward, Shades Shutters does an incredible job with removing that feeling - they make it fun, exciting and the images they capture really capture the emotion you are feeling at that very moment."

Vanessa and Mike

"Shades Shutters Photography came highly recommended from a friend, and I could not be any happier with the work they provided for my wedding day. They had such a unique and creative way of capturing our special day. From the moment my husband and I met with Traci and Wendy, we fell in love with their work. They are so detail oriented and really care about your needs as far as photography goes. They captured the most intimate and special moments of our day. What was so special was that they printed photographs from our day and displayed them for everyone to see. The best part was they gave them to me at the end of the night, and now I have them for our honeymoon. I can't stop looking at them! I would absolutely recommend them to anyone that wants to capture that special day!" 
-Stacey and Mike


"Our experience with Shades Shutters Photography was excellent! We couldn't have asked for better people to work with for our wedding. There were more than flexible, professional, and quick to respond to our needs. They are extremely creative women and certainly have an eye for the work they do! They are also very passionate about their work and love doing what they do. I highly recommend Shades Shutters for any of your photography needs!" 
-Kendra and Chris Chmura

"I could not be happier with the amazing work provided by both Wendy and Traci. My photos are amazing and they really worked hard to accommodate me and the things my husband and I wanted to capture in our day." Thank you so very much! 
-Becca Chandra, 100th Couple Contest Winner

"Wendy and Traci were amazing and so accommodating!! The turnaround time on their work is so fast and all of my guests were stunned that there were already printed photos at my wedding that they could look at!" 
-Kara and Ryan Fasulo

"Wendy thank you so much! We love our engagement pictures. Our engagement sitting was easy & fun, we were able to just be ourselves! I am so excited for our wedding and to see "the pictures you will capture that day! Shades Shutters is the best wedding photography in CT." 
-Lauren and Bruce Moore

"With in 5 mins of meeting Wendy and Traci, my husband and I knew we wanted to work with them. They are very caring and professional. They answered all of my questions prior to the wedding. They took our engagement photos, which i love. On the day of our wedding, they were very helpful, and great with our guests. I really can't say enough about them. My family and I loved our wedding pictures, they were so beautiful. I cant wait to work with them when we get pregnant. They truley are great wonderful and fabulous people......I just love them!!!" 
-Carol Ann and Pat Mercurio

"Wendy & Traci were two of the nicest people to work with. They did not overwhelm me and they tried to please everyone with picture requests. They were attentive to the bride & groom as well as the entire wedding party. Their prices are very reasonable and I feel as though I got a great value. It was so hard to pick which pictures I wanted because so many were wonderful!" 
-Alicia and Alex

"Great service, I even had a problem with my flowers and Wendy got on the phone and found a bouquet for me literally about an hour before the wedding! Great to work with would recommend to anyone! :)" 
-Christina and Drew Chavers

"Shades Shutters are amazing photographers! They were so helpful in potentially stressful moments, captured the beauty of our day in their photos with the ability to see things that most people wouldn't notice that will now be remembered. They add their own special unique touches that make things very personal. They are professional and pleasant to be around and made things run smoothly. I would recommend anyone to use their services, they wouldn't be disappointed!" 
-Vicky and Michael Basile

"Wendy and Traci did an amazing job capturing all aspects of my wedding day. The documenting started while my wedding party and I were getting ready and they were there until the end of the reception (pretty much 12 hours later). You can really feel the mood and emotion through the photographs they took. I would highly recommend Shades Shutters and I would definitely use them again for future events or portraits." 
-Tina and Andy Schulz, owners of De Luxe Coffee, Brooklyn, NY

"Very professional and very friendly You never knew they were around even though they took hundreds of pictures They printed photos for us at the reception so we could see some of them before the night was over. All in all they were absolutely wonderful. I would highly recommend them". 
-Megan and Peter Baird

"Shades Shutters Photography made my wedding day everything I wanted and more. Their calm yet determined attitudes toward photography made my husband and I feel so comfortable. We knew that they were capturing every single moment of our special day! Working with them was exciting and enjoyable. I would highly recommend Shades Shutters Photography for anyone looking for a wedding/event photographer!" 
-Ashley and Josh Lowney

"It would be a mistake for any bride to pass on Shades Shutters Photography. My wedding photographs are amazing and they really captured my husband and I as a couple and all of our beautiful wedding moments!" 
-Casey and Joe Dowgiert

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